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Support those who defend

freedom of expression in Cuba

Support those who defend

freedom of expression in Cuba

On July 11, 2021, thousands of people took to the streets peacefully to demand their rights. For exercising their right, the police punished them with arrests and surveillance. Sign this petition now and call on the Cuban government to immediately stop the repression of peaceful protesters, activists and independent journalists and to open a real dialogue to find solutions that guarantee human rights.

Cuban authorities have used criminal law to imprison and silence alternative voices in the country for decades. Coupled with arbitrary dismissals from state employment as a tactic to strip people of their livelihoods, this has created a deep climate of fear in Cuba for decades

Sunday's protest seemed to symbolize a break in this fear. On that day, slogans such as "we are not afraid" and "Patria y Vida" were heard. Many Cubans in different cities protested for the first time in years about the economic situation, aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the lack of medicine and restrictions on freedom of expression.  

Instead of guaranteeing their right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, Cuban authorities deployed security forces that detained and surveilled people who took to the streets, as well as activists and independent journalists. The list of people reportedly detained and unaccounted for is alarming.

Despite these attacks, Cuban people and collectives like the San Isidro movement continue to resist bravely, like a flame that never goes out. Show them and the world your solidarity: join the Eternal Flame today and keep it alive - sign the petition now!